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Mobile Cleaning Services

Our experienced mobile cleaning teams are fully equipped and are allocated to different parts of London and geographical areas we provide services to. We currently have a fleet of  vans with teams of our cleaning operatives paired up in two’s to provide a professional and courteous service to the residents of the building.

We can utilise operational staff working in near-by locations with their agreement to work overtime to encompass the duties of short staffed teams in the area.

Our mobile teams can be called upon to provide operational support to our daily clients and special one off projects at short notice if required.

All our mobile cleaning staff hold a full driving licence and a have a sound knowledge of the London areas.

Our fleet of vehicles are tracked which assist us a company to help and improve our service. This also helps us stay in touch with our remote workforce with the ability to re-route drivers and instantly dispatch jobs at a click of a button or phone call.

Through our live vehicle tracking, we can provide accurate arrival times, search for vehicles closest to a chosen location, generate detailed journey reporting for proof of service, and educate drivers on efficient routes.

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